Appleton Art Design is a private art salon and consultancy. The artists represented by Appleton Art Design come from near and far, creating a treasure trove of artwork for collectors and designers to explore and discover.

Amie Appleton Greenspan founded Appleton Art Design following her education in art history and life-long interest in art and design.  As an attorney representing businesses in the design industry, Amie identified a need for a service that dynamically sources original artwork from talented artists to collectors with ease and reliability. Of paramount importance is competitive and fair pricing, and coupled with Amie's keen sense of art placement, clients confidently acquire artwork that is within their budget, reflects their tastes, and enhances their thoughtfully designed spaces.

Since its inception, Appleton Art Design has consistently received client satisfaction and recommendation awards every year. Commercial collaborations with design leaders Mitchells Stores and Serena & Lily, as well as real estate innovators Halstead Property and Vita Design Group, have further established Appleton Art Design as a trusted source for appropriate and unexpected original artwork. 

Appleton Art Design is located in Westport, Connecticut. Complimentary on-site art consultations are provided throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Artwork viewings are available by appointment.